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The relationship between "coachee" and life coach is a unique partnership wherein the client has a need to move forward in specific areas of life. I'll get a little personal here to demonstrate the transformational potential of seeing a coach. 

I've been talking with my life coach, *Bob, for more than a couple of years. We have never met in person but meet online regularly to check in, celebrate progress, discuss areas that require fine-tuning, set new goals, and to get some encouragement (big time). Because of the safe place we've created together in our relationship, Bob is able to challenge and hold me accountable in ways not many people can! Well, they can, but not with the same results ;)


In essence, my coach partners with me in identifying problem areas in my life that block me from moving forward. Once a problem/barrier is identified, we work together to determine what works best for me to move beyond that problem/barrier. Bob takes time to understand (and help me to further understand) my own values, beliefs, and core longings. Whether it is healthy habits, relationship communication, boundaries, goal setting, mental blocks, unhealthy attitudes, etc., Coach Bob is amazing at helping me get to the heart of life. 

Coaching has helped transform my life, and my deep desire is that it will transform yours, too!

Areas of transformation include but are certainly not limited to:

  • Moving forward from difficult times and events

  • Healthy life choices

  • "Mental blocks" with creativity, tasks, relationships

  • Confidence and self-esteem

  • Self-talk and intrapersonal communication

  • Communication, every which way

  • Boundary setting 

  • Blind spots in life

  • Personal and professional development

  • Spiritual growth

  • Goal setting

  • Success, specifically and overall

  • Moving into a more satisfying way of life

How will coaching help you transform your life?

Where Havening comes in . . . That is a conversation I look forward to having with you!

*Bob is a pseudonym :)

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