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The Havening Techniques® is a set of neuroscientific protocols that use the psychosensory means of touch plus attention and imagination to gently trigger electrochemical changes in the brain that can alter how memories and emotions are processed. The potential results of these simple protocols may include reduced stress, increased resilience, higher levels of achievement, and emotional, psychological and physical relief. The touch is applied to areas of the face, shoulders/upper arms, and palms of hands. I find it best to teach clients to self-haven, giving them a new skill that utilizes their own neurobiology to help relieve stress and increase resilience. It is worth having a conversation about! (For more info see links below.)

Havening has helped me find deep and foundational integration. It has given me space to discover who I am and what I need and desire at the level of core longings, and helps me to establish an increasingly solid identity base. It has changed my intrapersonal communication in such powerful ways that there are moments I am still surprised by this new way of being! I love that healing is a journey, and while there are goals and destinations, Havening as part of the journey helps make it one of wonder, deep awareness, and hope.

How might havening help transform your life?

Havening Techniques® HQ in NYC 

What is Havening and How Does It Work? Amazing video by Tam Johnston

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