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Communication is the building-block of relationships, including one’s relationship with one’s self. In the context of coaching, we will consider your communication, where communication may get a bit tangled and blocked, and how setting yourself up for communication success will transform how you look at yourself and others, increasing confidence, assertiveness, and peace of mind.

Coaching provides a great space in which to explore intrapersonal communication - how we communicate with ourselves. Identifying the "committee" that tends to sit on our shoulders and whisper in our ears is a powerful way to disengage from those negative inner voices, empowering us to speak with loving kindness to ourselves.

An understanding of communication styles provides information vital to how we choose to interact with others in all areas of life. Feeling good about our choices and achieving healthy relationships is largely about communication! 

Plus, well, it's something I'm super passionate about :)

How will increased understanding and improved use of communication impact your life?

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