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These COVID-19 times's very important to let you know that Havening is a remarkable tool to help you with anxiety, frustration, and other intense emotions you may be having. Many of us are experiencing "normal" responses to very "not normal" pandemic-sized stressors. Facilitated Havening and learning how to self-haven are effective and pretty quick methods to bring us into more resilient and helpful/healthful states of mind and body. Email HERE to set up a session. It may well make all the difference between suffering or moving forward! Here for you.

 This is your life! 
 Let's work together to move the barriers to living from a healthier, stronger place. 

You've come a long way ...and you want to keep moving forward

in strength and clarity.

Havening and Coaching can help pave the way!

Not available for in-person appointments at this time. Please email me HERE

and we can arrange a time to meet via Zoom.

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What role can creativity play in well-being?


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